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About Winery Rewards
What Is Winery Rewards?
Winery Rewards is a discount card that works with all of our participating merchants. This is the only discount/loyalty card you'll ever need. Winery Rewards is the best option when you are looking for stuff to do, places to eat, or a fun way to save money when you are shopping around.
How Does Winery Rewards Work?
Each card that is purchased is good for 1 year from the time the card is activated and is pre-loaded with tons of buy 1 get 1 frees from all your favorite local merchants. Once you receive your card and activate it, you go to the "My Card" tab to view all the pre-loaded discounts. These are what we call MAC Deals and are good for a year. With each local merchant there will be ongoing extra monthly specials and promotions that you will be able to load to your card each month.

To redeem your discounts you can simply bring your card into each participating merchant for them to scan your card and redeem the coupon. There is no need to ever cut a coupon again and best of all you will never have to remember a coupon a again.
What Do I Get With My Membership?
Being a part of the Winery Rewards™ Membership program entitles each card-holder to gain access to our vast list of local merchants. Due to the mass volume of our membership each participating merchant has joined our program to offer our members the best discounts on their products and services around. Once the card is activated your card will automatically be pre-loaded with hundreds of deeply discounted offers from all participating merchants, these discounts are what we call MAC deals.

On top of these pre-loaded discounts, each participating merchant is provided merchant software that allows them to update their discounts/specials on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These updates are than pushed out to our membership database on a weekly basis through email. Our members simply go to and load additional deals and specials from their favorite local merchants directly to their card.
Is There A Limit To How Many Deals I Can Use?
As long as you have a valid membership you can use your card as many times as you want. Most deals can only be used once, but new deals are being added to the card all of the time.
Is Winery Rewards In My City?
Visit our City Browser page to see if we are in your city yet. We are expanding quickly so if we aren't there yet, check back agains soon.
Can My Business Be On Winery Rewards?
Most businesses that can offer a discount are eligible to be on Winery Rewards. Please visit for more information on being a part of Winery Rewards.
How Do I Contact Winery Rewards?
If you are a consumer please visit our standard contact form
If you are a new business please visit
If you are an existing business on Winery Rewards, please login to your merchant account and click the "Contact Us" link
Does My Card Expire?
Yes. When you purchase or are given a Winery Rewards you are given a 12-month membership. Once this membership expires you will need to renew your membership.
Getting And Activating The Card
Ordering A Card
Awesome! You have decided to order a card! You won't be disappointed!
Please visit the Get Started page and follow the directions to order your card. Once you order your card we will mail it the next business day.
Activating A New Card
Once you receive your card you will need to activate it before using it. Activation is simple, just visit our Get Started page and follow the directions.

Ordering A Replacement Card
If you lost your card, hope is not lost. We will replace your card for free once per year. Just login to your account and click on the "Lost Card" link.

Once you confirm that you lost your card we will immediately deactivate your old card and mail you a new one. While you are waiting you can give a merchant your phone number and they can lookup your account that way.

Once you receive your new card login to your account. You will automatically be redirected to an activation page. After your card is activated your deals will be transferred instantly.
Getting Deals
Searching For Merchants
Searching is easy. To find a merchant and their deals, visit our "Find Deals" page. Click a category on the left to search by category, or type in a keyword at the top.

If you want to narrow your results you can enter a city name or zip code.
Browsing Merchant Deals
To find deals from your favorite merchants, start by searching for that merchant, or merchant category (ie. Dining, Entertainment, etc). After searching click on the Merchant's business name. Their deals will be under their bio.
Loading Deals To Your Card
Loading deals to your card is easy. To load a deal, visit the merchant's page, scroll down to their coupons and click the "Load Deal" button. The coupon will be added to your card instantly.
Getting E-Mail Updates
If you want to receive updates when a merchant posts a new coupon, just add them as a favorite. To add them as a favorite, visit their profile and click the "Add to Favorites" button. To change the frequency of these email updates, click "E-Mail Preferences" after logging into your account.
Qualifying for Loyalty Deals
Loyalty deals allow you to get even more savings out of your card. Merchants love loyal customers, and they want to reward you for it. To qualify for a deal you just need to scan your card a predetermined number of times. Once you qualify for the deal it will be added to your card automatically.
Using The Card
Getting Directions To A Merchant
Getting directions to a merchant is easy. Just visit their profile page on our website and click the "Get Directions" button on the left. You will be asked for your start address and then you will be given turn by turn directions.
Redeeming A Coupon
Redeeming a coupon is easy. Just bring your card to a merchant and hand it to them during checkout. Make sure you mention you are using a coupon before you place an order.

If the coupon is a 1-time use coupon, then it will be removed immediately after the merchant scans your card.
Using Your Smartphone
Find Merchants And Deals
Finding merchants from your phone is easy. Just visit Winery Rewards on your mobile phone. You can search by keyword or category just like our Desktop site.
Getting Directions with GPS
If your phone has GPS enabled you can use our website to get directions to a merchant. To get directions, visit the merchants profile page from your phone and click the "Get Directions" button next to their address. Most phones will automatically open their Turn-By-Turn navigation and begin giving you directions.
Calling A Merchant
Calling a merchant is easy from the Mobile site. Just visit their profile on your mobile phone and click on the "Call Merchant" button next to their phone number.
Loading Deals
Did you visit a merchant and forget to load the deal? No worries. Just open up their profile on your mobile phone and click the "+" icon. Boom! The deal is instantly on your card!
Visiting Other Cities
Does My Card Work In Other Cities?
Yes! You can use your card at any participating Winery Rewards merchant. We are quickly expanding into other U.S. cities. Our card is currently not supported outside the United States.
Finding Deals In Other Cities
Finding deals in other cities is easy. If you are using a computer then visit our Search page, and click on the city drop down. You can choose your city and state from the list.

If you are using your smartphone the site will automatically update based on your phones location. If you want to view deals in another city, then click on the "Change City" button at the bottom of any page.
Your Account
Updating My Contact Information
If you have moved, got a new phone, or changed your name you can easily change your contact information. Just login to your account and click on "Contact Information"
Forgot My Password
Did you forget your password? We do that too sometimes.
Resetting your password is easy, just go to the login page and click the "Forgot Password" link. Just enter your email address and we will email you a new password.
Managing E-Mail Preferences
We like to keep in contact with our members, but we realize some customers may not want to receive emails from us.

There are 4 situations where you will receive emails from us:

You triggered an event
This could be a password reset, support ticket, etc. These emails will only be sent if you trigger them. You cannot opt out of these messages.

Favorites E-Mail
If you subscribe to certain merchants by saving them as a favorite you will receive an email when they post a new coupon. You can opt to receive these updates weekly, monthly, or you can choose to disable them.

Member Newsletter
We will send out a newsletter on occasion (usually once a month). These emails will cover changes to the site, highlight new features, and give you tips on saving money. You can choose to disable these emails.

Important Update
These emails may be send to all of our members, members in a certain area, or only to you. These emails may be related to policy changes, planned downtime, etc. These emails are rare and you cannot opt out.

To change your email preferences, please login to your account and choose the "E-Mail Preferences" button.

Please note, if you cancel your membership we will no longer send you any emails.
Merchant Complaints
A Merchant Didn't Accept A Coupon
If a merchant didn't accept your coupon please verify that you have a valid membership, and that you are at the correct location (Some chains offer different deals). If you did everything right and they still didn't take the deal, then visit their profile page and click the "Report Business" button. We will review your complaint and contact merchant.
Filing A Complaint About The Quality of Service
Did you not get the service you expected? We encourage all members to review a business after they visit whether their service was good or bad. To submit a review, visit their profile page and click on the "Review" button.

Once you have submitted a review, our staff will look at it. If it is a negative review we will contact the merchant and try to resolve the problem.
A Merchant Is No Longer In Business
We don't want to be sending our deal-seekers to places that no longer exist so we need your help. If you visit a merchant and they are no longer in business, please visit their profile page and click the "Report Business" button.



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